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Get more out of reading the Bible with our entertaining, informative talk show. Based in Kent, Washington, Walking In The Word breaks the Bible down in the simplest ways. Listeners will find our show enlightening while gaining a wealth of life-changing information.

YouTube Channel


Learn more about God and His word with our help. It's our goal to break down the relationship process with God and discussing what it takes to build an honest relationship with Him. We will cover various topics, including:

• Who Is God?
• How does one build or rebuild a relationship with God?
• What is the difference between having a "religion" vs having a relationship with God?
• What or who is the Trinity and how do the three persons of the Trinity work together as one?


Bible Translations

Join us as we look at various translations of the Bible, including the Hebrew Bible, the Catholic Bible, the King James Bible, and the Latter-Day Saints Bible. These bible studies will show the average person that no matter what version of the bible that you are reading there is enough information to build a relationship with God and obtain eternal life. All translations convey the same message.


Delve deeply into God's word as we employ other resources to break down and give a better understanding of the Scriptures. These resources include The Merriam-Webster Dictionary™, Strong's Concordance (to help find various scripture references), and Vine's Expository Dictionary of the Old & New Testament Words.

Contact Walking In The Word at info@walkingintheword.net to send your prayer request or for a spiritual consultation