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Engaging Public Speaking Throughtout the World.

Cross - Public Speaking

Inspire your congregation with an inspirational speaking event courtesy of Walking In The Word, a Christian ministry. We have the passion to deliver powerful, moving messages based in personal experience and biblical teachings.


Learn from us as we share our personal experiences regarding our relationship with God. During the event, we talk about the Bible, breaking it down into its simplest form. With our help, you can discover how your relationship with God can affect your relationships with family and friends and how it can bring prosperity to every area of your life.

Your relationship with God helps improve your relationships with your family and fills the void you may have tried to fill with money, sex, and drugs. Filling the void in your life with God balances your life and creates a wealth untouched. This relationship can help you create a well-balanced life filled with good health and happy relationships.

Contact us at info@walkingintheword.net to ask us about scheduling an inspirational speaking event in the near future.