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Submit Prayer Requests & Information on Upcoming Projects

Walking In the Word is here to show you that "God does indeed answer prayer.  Submit your prayer requests and watch God move.

Prayer Requests

Find support with our prayer request ministry. We are committed to the power of prayer and believe that it changes lives. For those who have prayer requests, please fill out the prayer request. No matter what your circumstances are God answers prayers.

Forthcoming Books 2017

Look out for Marcola Nixon's forthcoming books, King Manasseh: God's Way of Saying "I'm Sorry", and The life of King Hezekiah " A relationship with Gods ensures answered prayers" which will be published and in local bookstores later. These books will provides answers to the eternal questions, such as:
What is Prayer?
What does it mean to be Godly sorry? 
How do I obtain forgiveness for my misdeeds?
How can all of my prayers be answered? 

Contact us at info@walkingintheword.net, to submit prayer requests and for a spiritual consultation.